Bully boy Sugar betrays small businesses – by Brian Binley MP

portrait-brianbinley-2What a really compassionate, understanding and humane man Alan Sugar must be.

How courageous that he should blast small firms adding: “that most small businesses didn’t need more money, they need insolvency practitioners”. What a way to encourage entrepreneurs to start up new businesses and provide the jobs growth the country so desperately needs.

I have been fortunate enough to found two small businesses which now collectively employee some 230 people, but I well remember the long sleepless nights when I wondered where the next order was coming from or whether a dodgy debt would be paid.

I remember, during the last recession, when age debt was stretched almost to breaking point and my house was on the line.

I remember the worry, the fear but also the determination to succeed and I believe my experience of people who run small businesses is much closer to the truth than the well known business bully boy, Alan Sugar.

The truth is that the Government he joined to grab instant aristocracy had no understanding of the culture of small business and it seems neither does the very un-noble Lord Sugar.

Gordon Brown let the economy rip for his own reasons and was the prime architect of the problems the SME sector now faces. He told the FSA to go easy on casino banking and as a result small and medium sized businesses are now paying the price.

Only yesterday, in the BIS Select Committee, leading figures from the aerospace industry told us they were deeply worried at the pressures being placed on SME’s in their supply chains and were especially concerned by the seeming unwillingness of banks to lend for growth and development.

As every M.P. knows, small businesses up and down the country are facing lengthening aged debt and unpaid invoices and are going to their banks pleading for help with working capital. They are being screwed into the ground by high interest rates, personal guarantees and overdraft renegotiation fees- and they are just the successful ones.

What a fitting person Lord Sugar is to be appointed the Governments Enterprise Champion.

In Government- he should be incarcerated! Enterprise Champion- he should be fired!


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