Comment of the day – David Cameron savages Labour’s ‘pathological’ refusal to accept that marriage is key to happy families by James Chapman

“Labour was accused of a ‘pathological’ opposition to supporting marriage by David Cameron yesterday as he promised a Tory government would reward every wedded couple. The Conservative leader drew battle lines for the general election with a scathing attack on Children’s Secretary Ed Balls, who had said marriage was not the key to a happy family.” Read in full in the Daily Mail There is also a comment piece by Edward Heathcoat Amory and the Leader.

Cornerstone Editor says, “David Cameron’s defence of the institution of marriage is much welcomed and not only by members of our group. The work of the Centre for Social Justice has comprehensively exposed Labour’s ridiculous myth that there is no difference between cohabiting and married couples who are raising children; the simple fact is there is. So why then is Balls and Co still trying to say that the outcomes are the same? When will Labour stop playing politics with the future of our children and acknowledge that the evidence shows that, educationally, socially and economically our children do better when raised by a married couple? I suspect this will only happen when later next year they are booted out of office and will then try to attack David Cameron and his government for our broken society.”


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