Bad Day – by Nadine Dorries MP

I’ve commented for Sam Coates, of the Times, regarding the interview given by the wife of the Speaker, Sally Bercow. 

The interview was given in the Speaker’s apartment in her role as the Speaker’s wife.

If Sally Bercow had been standing for an un-winnable Labour council seat in a safe Conservative ward and had been married to anyone else, no-one would have been remotely interested.

In one interview she has eroded any progress Parliament had made towards restoring its lost integrity and authority.

The Speaker, the man who holds Parliament and its Members to account, has displayed a serious lack of judgment in allowing his grace-and-favour apartment to be used for such an interview. His future tenure of the historic Chair must now, more than ever, be in question.

To have used the Speaker’s apartment in the Palace of Westminster to personally attack David Cameron, the man who may be the next Prime Minister, to criticise him for something he may or may not do in the future in terms of his children’s’ schooling, is also offensive and sheer hypocrisy. This is especially so when many Labour MPs are privately educated and privately educate their own children (something David Cameron doesn’t and may not do).

Her admission regarding her ‘ladette’ behaviour is something Parliament just didn’t need right now. A bad day for all of us.


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