Comment of the day – Police time on the beat tumbles to 13 per cent as red tape blitz fails by Rebecca Camber

I know that this issue has been widely covered by the all the national newspapers over the last 2 days, but I thought this article sums up the complete failure by Brown’s Government. Only in February the Government announced ambitious plans to cut red tape and increase the time policed officers spend on the beat. Not only have they failed but they have managed to decrease the time the police spend on the street and increase the time they spend on form filling.

“Efforts to get police out on the beat by slashing paperwork have failed, the Government’s own ‘red tape tsar’ warned yesterday.

Former Police Federation chairman Jan Berry said officers spend just 13 per cent of their day on patrol.

In an indictment of Labour’s failure to get police on to the streets, she said there had been no improvement on the amount of time police spend on frontline duties in the last two years – and in some areas it had got worse.

Miss Berry, who leads a task force looking at how to slash bureaucracy, said officers were still swamped with paperwork.

She blamed a fixation with targets, saying there was a culture of ‘what gets counted, gets done’, rather than what mattered to the public.” Read in full in the Daily Mail


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