Comment of the day – Chancellor Alistair Darling’s £40bn cut in public spending and latest poll gives the party a 13point lead by David Smith

Alistair Darling will this week tell government departments that the money has run out and they face a three-year cash freeze on spending.

The message, the toughest to be delivered by a chancellor since the last Labour government was bailed out by the International Monetary Fund in the 1970s, will mean public sector pay freezes and big job cuts. The cash freeze in Whitehall will mean a “real” cut of nearly £40 billion in spending over three years.


The latest YouGov poll for The Sunday Times shows that the Conservative party is retaining a commanding 13-point lead, contradicting recent suggestions that Labour had narrowed the gap enough to make a “hung parliament” likely.

The Tory lead is fractionally down on last month’s gap of 14, but remains big enough to assure David Cameron of a comfortable majority. Read in full in the Sunday Times.

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