Labour’s completely lost the plot – by Edward Leigh MP

It seems that almost every day we hear of new ways in which the government has managed to waste tax payers money through inefficiency and at times pure absurdity. I cannot be alone in feeling that Francesca Walker’s housing benefits of over £90,000 a year are ludicrous. This is not a tirade against single mothers or ethnic minorities. I simply want to protest at the way in which this government spends money in a totally irresponsible way and have already bankrupted the country and still insist on spending like it is going out of fashion.

I am very pleased that Miss Walker and her eight children have a roof over their heads but I cannot understand the logic of housing them in a four story villa in Notting hill which costs taxpayers £7,600 a month. Last month, it was revealed that a Somali family of nine are living in a £1.8million central London house costing £1,600 a week. A family of eight Afghan immigrants have been housed for the last 14 months in a £ 1.2million house in Ealing, West London, at a cost so far of £168,000.

Some might think it very noble of the Government to sacrifice so much for those in need but it is totally irresponsible to spend a penny more than is necessary. These figures abuse all those who work hard and pay their taxes. I do not blame those living off these benefits. I do not want them to be made homeless, but there is no excuse for the Government who squander these enormous amounts of money on a few while there are still children living in poverty in this country.

The state of public finances is appalling, this Labour Government has run the country into the ground and still to want dig deeper. It is time for a new era of responsibility where the Government respects the money which is earned by the people and stops insulting us with this waste.–Labours-housing-benefit-crackdown.html


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