Comment of the day: Christian values distorted beyond all measure – by John Glen Conservative Home

Month after month, I see first hand countless shoplifters as they face Justice in the Magistrates Court. As our bench contemplates the best course of sentencing by reference to the sentencing guidelines there is no mention under mitigating factors of ” severe poverty” as one we should consider.

However, I always wonder about the life history that has led the convicted individual to go into a large store to steal, often for money for drugs, alcohol or food. Never does my compassion and sadness lead me to conclude that their crime is justified. Therefore, news of the Yorkshire vicar’s conclusion that to shoplift, in moderation from a large store is permissible leaves me mystified.“My advice, as a Christian priest, is to shoplift,” 

I can see how, in areas of deprivation, with a very poor congregation set amidst a culture which prizes so much consumer wealth that a vicar could be moved, momentarily, to dream up radical redistributive measures. But I cannot grasp how anyone could then justify it from the Bible and then preach it from the pulpit. Rev Tim Jones, epitomizes the spirit of the age. By a sentimental assessment of a human state he has drawn the wrong conclusion and then sought to back it up with a muddle-headed application of Biblical teaching.”Thou shalt not steal “is pretty unambiguous to me. Read in full at Conservative Home.


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