Comment of the day: The sad case of Dr Saroj Adlakha and the twisted morals of some in society – by Edward Leigh MP

The case of Dr Saroj Adlakha, who is facing charges of misconduct at a hearing by the General Medical Council, demonstrates the twisted morals of some in society when it comes to the issue of abortion.

The charge of misconduct that Dr Adlakha faces relates to arrangements she made back in 2003. At the time her daughter was 31 weeks pregnant and therefore way over the 24 week British legal abortion limit. It is alleged that Dr Adlakha paid for her daughter to have an abortion in a clinic in Spain and also subsequently offered to do the same for two undercover reporters who were posing as a couple.

If the GMC hearing decides that Dr Adlakha did indeed carry out the above it will demonstrate that her priorities in this important matter were tragically the wrong way round.

By her actions she showed herself to be loving mother who would risk her job for her daughter. And therefore she displayed the ability to be a loving grandmother who would support her daughter and her new born child no matter what. If only she had prioritised the life of her daughter’s unborn child over that of a quick fix abortion. Read in Full in the Telegraph.


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