Labour has presided over an unprecedented attack on faith in this country so has Brown now seen the light – by Edward Leigh MP

Gordon Brown’s recent comments about people’s Christianity within the public domain are certainly welcome. He has praised Britain’s Christian heritage and believes that people’s faith should not become a private matter. Despite this however, one feels that the Prime Minister should be a little more consistent.

This is the same Gordon Brown, lest we forget, who has presided over the recent Equality Bill which has the potential to seriously impinge on Christian’s freedoms (even after the Waddington amendment on Free Speech which he opposed). He has led a government who have pushed to introduce sex education for children as young as five. And famously, under his administration practicing Christians working within the public sector, such as nurses and teachers, have been persecuted by the disciplining of a number of them for heinous crimes such as the wearing a crucifix and praying for patients. 

If Mr Brown is prepared to back up his words, uttered on a Christian radio show, with political action to reduce the persecution of Christians in what is a Christian country, then this would certainly be a step forward. Unfortunately, even if he wanted to he is running out of time.

Read more in the Telegraph


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