Yet more bias against faith schools under Labour – by Edward Leigh MP

It has been reported in the Daily Telegraph that in the past six months their have been more than thirty investigations into faith schools by the Office for the Schools Adjudicator, the admissions watchdog. The primary reasons for these investigations have been to ensure that the schools are not questioning the parents of prospective pupils about their faith. This, after all, would constitute some form of selection and any process based on selection has been generally avoided by the current government

I feel that instead of trying to manage schools and such like from a centralised position, government should grant autonomy to those who have been given the responsibility to run these institutions and organisations. After all, one would expect a head teacher to know what is best for their school.

After his comments on Christian radio last week I said that I hoped that Gordon Brown would become more consistent on the subject of religion in the public domain. This case provides the Prime Minister with a good opportunity to prove his Christian pronouncements by leaving faith schools alone.


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