Editor’s Choice: David Cameron taunts Brown about his relationship with Alistair Darling at PMQs

Picture 27Jonathan Isaby’s verdict: A rowdy session of PMQs in which David Cameron successfully taunted Brown about those extraordinary comments made last night by Alistair Darling.

12.03 Gordon Brown begins by paying tribute to the seven soldiers who have been killed in Afghanistan since the last PMQs.

12.06 David Cameron echoes the tribute to the fallen soldiers. He raises the report into Stafford hospital (the constituency in which he stood in 1997). Does the PM understand that victims are not content with a private inquiry and that there is a clamour for a public inquiry?

12.07 Brown blamed a failure in management for the problems. Cameron says death rates were far too high for years before investigations began. Don’t we need a better way of publishing results and more transparency to stop it happening again?

12.10 Cameron: We also need openness at the heart of government, referring to Darling’s statement last night. He asks Brown to stand up with a straight face and support the Chancellor. Read in full at ConservativeHome.


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