Editors Post: Britain first, Europe second!

Brian Binley MP for Northampton South is one of 11 sponsors of a UK Sovereignty Bill which aims to give UK Parliament precedence over the EU.

The bill aims to protect the powers of the UK Parliament and prevents Ministers from signing away anymore powers to the EU. The Bill asserts that “No Minister of the Crown shall sign, ratify or implement any treaty or law which does not reaffirm the UK Parliamentary Sovereignty.”

The ratification of the Lisbon Treaty has given further power to the European Union and the people of Britain were not even consulted on this very important matter. We must act now if we are to avoid being sold down the river once again and preserve the UK Parliaments powers.

Brian Said: “Many of my constituents have written to me and are increasingly concerned that the European Union is ruling our lives.”

“The people of Britain never had the chance to show how they felt about the Lisbon Treaty as this Labour Government never held a referendum.”

“We must act now if we are to preserve the powers of the UK Parliamentary system.”


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