Comment of the Day: Comeback kid Cameron counter attacks: Tory leader hits back in bid to slow Clegg bandwagon – by James Chapman in the Mail

Both the Tories and Labour claimed to have slowed the Lib Dem bandwagon today after a far more confrontational TV debate left everything to play for in the final fortnight of the election campaign.

David Cameron edged victory in a series of instant polls after the make-or-break clash in which he rounded on Nick Clegg over his expenses claims, immigration policy and plans to scrap Britain’s nuclear deterrent.

To the Tories’ delight, he also landed a blow on Gordon Brown as he attacked him over Labour smear tactics, demanding he withdraw leaflets falsely claiming a Tory government would scrap free bus passes and eye tests for the elderly.

The Conservatives and Labour argued that they had managed to show Mr Clegg’s weaknesses unlike his runaway victory last week.

Shadow foreign secretary William Hague said: ‘Nick Clegg was weak on immigration and weak on defence. That has started to come through in the debate so it was not the perceived success for him that it was last week.’

Shadow defence secretary Liam Fox added that Mr Cameron ‘looked every inch a potential prime minister. He was clear, strong and authoritative.’ Read in full at the Daily Mail.


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