Editors Blog Choice: Fleet Street mauls Nick Clegg as David Cameron and Ken Clarke put the case against a hung parliament – on Conservative Home

A week is a long time in politics, as the old saying goes.

And this time last week we were anticipating the first ever TV debate between party leaders in a British general election, with many on the Right nervous that giving Nick Clegg equal billing with Gordon Brown and David Cameron would give a boost to the Liberal Democrats.

Those fears were proved correct, and in spades, with no-one predicting that within 48 hours of the debate that the Lib Dems would have hit 30% in the polls and even be in the lead in several surveys.

The media, having been collectively a little bored by the campaign until that point, got hugely excited and proceeded to spend several days building up Clegg further and it seemed that the man and his party could do no wrong.

But on the morning of the second leaders’ debate (on Sky News and Radio 4 at 8pm tonight) it would appear that Fleet Street is now moving to burst the Clegg bubble and bring him back down to earth, not only by putting Lib Dem policy under serious scrutiny for the first time, but also by delving into Clegg’s personal record:

  • Picture 2 As we noted last night, the Daily Telegraph today exposes irregularities in how Nick Clegg received political donations into his private bank account;
  • The Express splashes on the “madness” of Lib Dem immigration policy;
  • The Sun goes for a triple whammy (right), also accusing him of U-turning on policy towards Afghanistan;
  • The Daily Mail unearths ill-judged comments Clegg has made referring to British “delusions of grandeur” over defeating Nazism in World War Two;
  • Metro splashes on Lib Dem plans to imposes taxes of up to £14,000 on buying a new home.

Carry on reading at Conservative Home.


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