Editor’s pick, blog of the day: It is imperative that the police now fully and promptly investigate the circumstances of this tragic joint suicide – by Dr Peter Saunders Chief Executive, Christian Medical Fellowship

A couple found dead in a car on an industrial estate in Braintree, Essex on Monday, are believed to have been involved in a suicide pact.

Police now believe that Steve Lumb (35) and Joanne Lee (34) had met only hours before after initially making contact on an internet suicide forum.

Miss Lee is understood to have posted a message on the forum begging someone to join her in taking her own life. According to report in the Sun newspaper, she wrote. ‘I haven’t the strength to do this alone. I’m not a cop, a cannibal or a murderer, just desperate. I have all the ingredients and want to do it ASAP’.

Her plea was answered by Mr Lumb, a lorry driver, who apparently drove 200 miles from his home town of Sowerby, West Yorks, to join her. Their bodies were found in his fume-filled Vauxhall Astra in Miss Lee’s home town. Police believe they died after mixing chemicals in a bucket to make a lethal gas.

Distraught parents Jill and Brian Lee apparently had no idea that their daughter was planning to kill herself and Mr Lumb’s father Melvin, who lived with his son, said he had never shown signs of being depressed.

Following a number of high-profile internet-related suicides over recent years, among them the tragic cases of Nadia Kajouji and Mark Drybrough, parliament changed the law last year in an attempt to prevent similar events occurring in the future.

The Suicide Act was amended by the Coroners and Justice Act last year in order to deal specifically with cases such as these. To continue reading this blog pleace click here.

Come and join our debate on end of life issues at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.

“A defence of the status quo – Why it would be wrong to legalise assisted suicide and euthanasia”

The Cornerstone Group of MP host a discussion on end of life issues

Date and time: Monday October 4th at 1pm.

Venue: Friends Meeting House, 40 Bull Street, Birmingham, B4 6AF

Guest speaker will be the Rt Reverend David Urquhart, Bishop of Birmingham.


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