Welcome to the website of the Cornerstone Group. Our group of MPs was brought together in 2005 to defend the spiritual, patriotic, and social values that undergird Britain’s cohesiveness. The MPs of the Cornerstone Group join with those of No Turning Back and the 92 Group every week during the parliamentary session for a steering group meeting to discuss the legislative agenda in the Commons and to seek to defend the values we hold dear.

This website includes information on our group and the principles we exist to defend and promote, as well as periodic points of analysis from Cornerstone MPs. We hope you find this website informative as well as helpful in keeping informed as to the activities of Cornerstone.

Best wishes,

As a Co-Chairman of the Cornerstone Group, I am delighted to welcome you to our website!

We are a group of Conservative MP’s, dedicated to upholding and preserving the values which have informed Britain’s culture and her traditions for centuries.

You can find out more about our supporters on the About us pages, browse through their speeches and debates in the House of Commons, read our blog, and sign up to receive our monthly newsletter.

I hope you find these pages useful and interesting, and look forward to seeing you at a Cornerstone event soon.

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